Climate Change
Knowledge Cooperative

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Maximizing the influence of climate change research from the world’s leading publishers and universities

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A major new collaborative initiative to help broaden the discovery and understanding of climate change research — and accelerate its application towards a sustainable future. 


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Leveraging the showcase and audience building capabilities of Kudos Pro   Interpretive text, visual and video summaries of complex research


Helping publishers, societies and universities maximize:


Summarizing the most recent / significant climate literature in plain language — ensuring it is found and understood by broader audiences
Accelerating the discovery and application of climate change research with a large-scale press and audience-building campaign to promote the collection within and beyond academia
Demonstrating the role and value of the scholarly communication sector in tackling climate change


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  • A showcase of the most significant and / or recent climate change research

  • Uniquely summarized in plain language, and presented in image-led pages, to ensure findings and recommendations are cognitively accessible to a broad audience both within and beyond academia

  • Drawing together content from a range of publishers, societies and universities.


  • A substantial multi-media, multi-touch, multi-format publicity campaign promoting the initiative, including:

  • PR (across both mainstream media and academic / science media)

  • Social media and search engine marketing

  • Email promotion within relevant networks.


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RESPONSIBILITY: to make sure climate knowledge is accessible to and applied by the broadest possible audience — a curated collection, easy to find, easy to understand.

BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: working with other organizations, you will benefit from economies of scale (particularly in terms of promotional activities and costs, and leveraging existing infrastructure), a higher level of media and public engagement (greater credibility and interest engendered by a combined initiative, as well as from the substantial media, public and policy interest in the topic generated by COP26).

REPUTATION: to raise the profile of participating publishers, societies and universities — demonstrating the societal value they add in supporting the creation and dissemination of the knowledge that will help the world tackle climate change

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