Building trust and transparency

Kudos makes clinical trials and other pharmaceutical research more discoverable. 

Our platform tells research Stories that link together publications, plain language summaries and related outputs.

We present content in attractive Showcases, tailored for the needs of different audiences.

By bringing all the underlying evidence together in one place on Kudos, you can better serve your communities with user-centred views on research evidence – helping improve both clinical decisions, and patient / public awareness and understanding.

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Our platform typically helps publications achieve:


4 x
higher views

Up to 2,200+ views
with an average of 275


7.5 x
more citations

Up to 650+ citations
with an average of 15 citations


23 x
Altmetric scores

Up to 5,000+
with an average score of 23

Improving the discoverability of pharmaceutical research

Kudos links together publications, plain language summaries and other research outputs and communication assets. We create attractive, magazine-style Showcases for different audiences, studies, diseases, conditions and treatments – improving discoverability, information decision-making, and maximizing readership, citations and impact.


drug dev article page

Plain language summaries

Explaining research findings and recommendations – making it easier for wider audiences to find and understand.


Article extenders

Enriching articles with multimedia, including images, infographics, videos and other research outputs and communication assets.

layered pubs

Layered publications 

Bringing together all the outputs from a clinical trial to tell the story of the study transparently, and connect it to the relevant disease, condition, treatment etc.

medical research showcase

Stories and Showcases

Creating attractive, image-led pages for your summaries, multimedia and publication layers – and compiling these into themed Showcases.

Reaching a global audience



registered users


28-day active users


10% YOY
user growth


publication views

Key features

Access for you and your authors to our easy-to-use platform for setting up Stories

  • Add and edit plain language summaries

  • Upload and display featured image, infographic or video within the page

  • Add links to related resources / outputs across multiple platforms e.g. patient and practitioner resources where appropriate




Full metrics on users and usage of your Showcase and Stories

  • Key publication metrics including citations and altmetrics

  • Broader insights including geographical breakdown of Showcase visitors




Dedicated account manager

including support for identifying publications related to clinical trials.



Discoverability via Kudos Showcases

  • Featured status in relevant Kudos Showcases

  • Including Showcases for specific audiences or subject areas, our global research Showcase and our clinical trials Showcase




Your own branded, customizable Showcase 

  • Tools for featuring particular publications, Stories and authors

  • Customizable with your logos and corporate imagery, or select from our stock library of banner images



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Why partner with Kudos

There is a growing demand for transparency in drug development. Although much content is openly available, it is distributed across websites, not linked together. It’s available, but not discoverable. Meanwhile, much of this content is couched in scientific language – meaning it is available, but not accessible.

Kudos is breaking this impasse by bringing storytelling to science. We are the research communication sector’s leading platform for bringing together scientific publications, plain language summaries, and related research outputs and communication assets.

We help scientists explain and share their own publications to maximize readership, citations and impact. We have a ready-made global audience of academics, healthcare practitioners, policy makers and patients. We also optimize visibility and exposure through search engine optimization, content tagging, metadata optimization, and syndication.

Kudos is the only platform dedicated to bridging the critical gap between research producers and users. In doing so, we help more people find, understand and benefit from research.


Professor Prokar Dasgupta
Professor and Chair of Urology
King's College London • Guy's Hospital • King's Health Partners • UK

"A fantastic, simple tool for helping to broaden awareness and application of research. We were impressed at how soon we began to see results."


Professor Jian’an Wang
Shenzhen University, China

“I’m very happy with my page, it looks really great. Thank you for your high level and warm professional service to help me build an audience for my research.”


Dr Richard Horowitz
Medical Director
Hudson Valley Healing Center, Hyde Park, NY, USA

"My experience working with Kudos was seamless. Kudos encapsulated the essence of my work and made it accessible for scientists and non-scientists alike. I would recommend Kudos to anyone looking to highlight their work to the broader community."


Professor Karl Reinhard Aigner
Head • Department of Surgical Oncology • Medias Klinikum, Germany

“I have been really impressed by this service. Kudos produced a really professional summary of my research, and a lovely bright web page which has already had lots of visitors.”

Kudos is used by over 400,000 researchers in 10,000 universities all over the world

























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