Knowledge Cooperative

media campaign and public engagement showcase

Ensuring that quality research is found, understood and acted on by the the widest possible audience — within and beyond academia


Helping publishers, societies and universities maximize:


Summarizing research about COVID and infectious diseases in plain language — ensuring it is found and understood by broader audiences
Accelerating the discovery, application and impact of relevant research with audience-building campaigns within and beyond academia
Demonstrating the role and value of the scholarly communication sector in tackling global challenges


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A global challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the deadliest in history. It has killed over 5 million people around the world, and continues both to present a major threat to life, and to cause substantial economic, cultural and political disruption.

Rapid and widespread communication of research evidence and recommendations is a vital part of how humanity will tackle the pandemic and its consequences.

The scholarly communications sector rose quickly to the immediate challenge of accelerating the academic and clinical dissemination of relevant research. But progress continues to be hampered, not only by misinformation and fake news, but also by the fact that it is difficult for broader audiences to find and understand scholarly publications.

Our challenge now is to work together, and ensure that findings and recommendations from relevant research can be found, understood and acted on by the public, media, policy makers, patients, educators and other audiences beyond academia.

A proven solution

Kudos and Impact Science are joining forces once again to launch the Coronavirus Knowledge Cooperative.

This initiative, coordinated by Kudos and leveraging our showcase and audience building capabilities, will help broaden the discovery, understanding and application of research relating to COVID-19, and the impact and management of pandemics and infectious diseases in general.

The project builds on the success of our recent Climate Change Knowledge Cooperative, which has rapidly achieved international readership, both within and beyond academia (28% academics, 72% non academics – including 17% general public, 14% teachers / educators, 10% policy makers, 10% industry) thanks to mainstream press coverage and ongoing social / search / email marketing.


A showcase of the most significant and / or recent research into:

  • Coronaviruses and / or COVID-19
  • Diagnosis, treatment and management of infectious diseases more generally
  • Societal and economic impacts of major public health incidents.

Uniquely summarized in plain language, and presented in image-led pages, to ensure findings and recommendations are cognitively accessible to a broad audience both within and beyond academia.


A multi-media, multi-touch, multi-format publicity campaign promoting the initiative, including:

  • PR (across both mainstream media and academic / science media)
  • Social media and search engine marketing
  • Email promotion within relevant networks.

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RESPONSIBILITY: making sure the research you publish is accessible to and applied by the broadest possible audience — a curated collection, easy to find, easy to understand.


REPUTATION: raising the profile of your brand — demonstrating the societal value you add in supporting the creation and dissemination of the knowledge that helps the world tackle global challenges.

INCLUSIVITY: focusing on interpretive content and vibrant, magazine-style discovery showcases – and promoting more actively through mainstream channels – to more proactively meet the expectations and needs of broader audiences.


MARKET INTELLIGENCE: gaining insight into awareness, perceptions, needs and expectations of broader audiences, to shape future strategies.

BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: working with other organizations, you benefit from economies of scale (particularly in terms of promotional activities and costs), a higher level of media and public engagement (greater credibility and interest engendered by a combined initiative, as well as from the ongoing media, public and policy interest in the topic).

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