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Kudos is a professional communications company working with research groups and institutions all over the world to build their global visibility and impact. Through our award-winning platform and bespoke communication and impact services, we can help you reach a broad audience and accelerate the impact potential of your research.

Shareable Content Package

Researchers can connect with and stakeholders all over the world using social and digital media. While the potential to share research content online is enormous many researchers are unsure how to get the best from these powerful channels.

To help researchers connect to a larger audience of peers, funders, media, and other stakeholders, Kudos have partnered with Impact Science – a leading research communication and impact agency – to provide a package of services to make online sharing of research easy. The key to success is visual content – videos, infographics and visual abstracts can be used to reach a much wider audience than is possible with formal research publications. Readers on social and digital platforms respond better to visual content, which usually attracts significantly more engagement and interaction than text-based posts.

Our Shareable Content Package gives you snapshot summaries of your publications and projects that you can share widely to boost the visibility of your research, build your network and engage broad audiences with your work.

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Shareable content package

Your choice of any two of the shareable content items shown below.


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Visual abstract

A Visual Abstract is a graphic summary of your article that conveys key findings in a brief format. Visual Abstracts can be widely shared to help expand and broaden readership of your article.


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An Infographic is a simple visual summary of a project or area of research activity. The graphic can be tailored to a wide range of objectives from enhanced visibility through to finding collaborators or sourcing funding.


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Animated video summaries

Our animated videos are 2-3 minute audio-visual summaries of a research article, project, or initiative. They present complex information in an easy-to-understand format.


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Smart conference poster

A simple summary of your research to use at a conference, to help you get attention and build your network.


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Social media outreach

In addition to developing shareable content to help you build an engaged audience for your research, we can also support you with your social media outreach – developing and implementing a plan and monitoring the results for reporting to your institution and/or funder.

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Also see Kudos Pro for a self-service option to create your own content and use the award-winning Kudos platform to share and track resulting audience reach and engagement.