Building your global reputation

Showcasing dissertations and theses via Kudos Pro

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Demonstrate your research skills

Your dissertation or thesis is probably one of the most important pieces of writing that you do as an early-career researcher. Whether you continue your career in academia – or move into a commercial, educational or political role – this first significant publication represents an opportunity for you to showcase your skills and potential.

Build your visibility and network

ProQuest has combined efforts with Kudos – the world’s leading research impact platform – to help ensure your work is found and read by the widest possible audience.

With Kudos Pro you can:

  • Create an attractive online showcase for your dissertation or theses
  • Explain the significance of your work for a wide range of audiences
  • Link up supplemental files and other resources to tell the comprehensive story of your research project
  • Build your global readership by leveraging built-in communications tools
  • Use best-practice templates to plan, track and report on the performance of your work
  • Develop career connections with potential collaborators and employers
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All this – for less than the price of a couple of coffees each month – thanks to ProQuest’s vision for helping graduate students and early career researchers get the best possible exposure for their early publications.