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Kudos Pro is the world's leading service for showcasing research, and the only toolkit designed specifically to drive research communications, engagement and impact.

Let us help you reach a global audience, and track the interest in your work, with our easy-to-use toolkit.

Do it yourself, or have our team of experts do it for you.



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Do It

Showcase your research

with our easy-to-use website builder

Summarize and showcase your research projects and publications, add them to our showcase, and use our simple communication tools.

This ensures global readership – among academics, but also broader audiences such as policy makers, educators, industry and the media


Annual subscription *

Choose this option if:

You want to write your own summary of your research You know how you want to communicate You have colleagues or support staff ready to help

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We’ll do the set-up for you

Our professional team will create a research showcase page for you and promote it through our global platform.

Includes 12 months’ access to our communications toolkit so you can update your web pages and track your metrics ongoing.


(£79 per annum *
+ £329 one-time)

Choose this option if:

You need help to present your research as compellingly as possible You plan to do some communication yourself but would like some additional exposure

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Do It All

Looking for a full service?

We’ll do all the communications for you

Our expert writers will create a research showcase page for you and promote it through our global platform, and via our email and social media networks.

We’ll create a specialist briefing for a target audience and distribute this to ten key contacts.

We’ll provide full reporting for 12 months and give you access to the toolkit to update your profile and track metrics yourself.


(£79 per annum *
+ £929 one-time)

Choose this option if:

You need to outsource all communication You need help identifying and reaching your target audiences

* You can cancel your subscription at any time

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All options include complimentary membership of the KUDOS ACADEMY
Training and certification to help you develop your skills and career

Working in a team? Take a look at our group pricing here.
Looking for design and production of graphics, videos, posters? See what else we can do!


How are other researchers using Kudos Pro?

Kudos Pro is a fantastic, simple tool for helping to broaden awareness and application of pioneering research. We were impressed at how soon we began to see results.

Professor Prokar Dasgupta Professor and Chair of Urology • King's College London • Guy's Hospital • King's Health Partners UK

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What does Kudos Pro do for you?



Create beautiful profile pages for research projects, groups, departments or any body of work. Add on one of our service options and our experts will do this for you.



Target specific audiences with briefings to meet their needs and interests. Choose "Do It All" if you want us to research and connect with audiences on your behalf.



We'll publish your research to our global showcase; our serviced editions include dissemination through our readymade web, email and social media networks.



Allocate tasks, set deadlines and track progress across the team – including partners in other organizations.



Track performance and capture evidence of engagement and impact activities, with a range of meaningful metrics all in one place.



Use our 'wizard' to create a professional communications plan to guide your engagement and impact activities.

How do I know which package is right for me?


Tight for
KUDOS PRO offers you: Do It
Let us
Let us
Do It All

A website for your work – quickly and easily:Toolkit for creating beautiful web profiles of your work
Step-by-step help for creating professional communications plans
Range of metrics and ability to log / link to evidence

A ready-made audience:Promotion via Kudos Research Showcase

Extra skills:4 x annual skills development webinars + on-demand helpdesk

Expert help to save you time:We’ll write a 600 word summary of your work and set up a beautiful profile page, including a feature image and links to related resources

A spotlight on your work:Featured promotion in our global platform, the Kudos Research Showcase

Access to your target audiences:Structured briefing, research and dissemination to 10 key contacts in your chosen target audience (press, policy makers, industry, etc)

Widespread dissemination:Promotion via Kudos Research Showcase, plus via social media, email and web

£79 annual subscription*

or £40/month

£399 (£79 per annum* + £329 one-time)

£999 (£79 per annum* + £929 one-time)

* You can cancel your subscription at any time

Why do you need Kudos Pro?

It's more important than ever that research can be found and understood, not only by other academics, but also by broader audiences.

Kudos Pro provides a methodology and a toolkit to guide your group through planning, implementing, measuring and reporting on communication and engagement activities – helping broaden the reach and impact of your research.

Kudos Pro can be used by any research group – internal teams, funded project teams, departments or cross-institutional consortia – to manage communications around projects, publications and other outputs.


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