How to ensure your article influences the Sustainable Development Goals


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In 2015, the United Nations set out 17 goals to reduce poverty and inequality; improve health, education, and economic outcomes; and protect our environments.

The UN is hosting a summit in September 2023 to assess progress. Organizations around the world are being encouraged to do more to help achieve the goals. What should researchers be doing to help ensure their research helps the world achieve the goals?

Join us to learn:

  • What do the Goals cover?
  • How is progress towards the Goals being tracked?
  • How can you Showcase your research alongside other SDG information?
  • How can you show your publications are influencing the SDGs?

We will show how Kudos helps you:

  • Map your research to the SDG goals and success indicators
  • Interpret your research through an SDG lens with plain language summaries, videos and infographics
  • Showcase / promote your publications to ensure they reach the audiences where action is needed.

Presented by Charlie Rapple, Kudos Co-founder and Knowledge Cooperative Lead.

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"The research impact webinar was great! I would strongly recommend it to any researcher looking to reach a broader audience."

Kamesh Viswanathan

Biotechnology Researcher
Charotar University of Science and Technology



Charlie Rapple co-founded Kudos in 2012. She is passionate about ensuring research helps society tackle grand challenges, through wider audience engagement with findings and recommendations. With the teams at Kudos and Impact Science, she led the launch of the Climate Change Knowledge Cooperative in November 2021, and has since led similar initiatives for a range of other critical topics.