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Basic profile page



Your basic author profile page lists the publications you have claimed in Kudos. 


Premium_badge Personal Showcase 



Your premium author profile page is a full professional Showcase. 

This includes a colourful banner, featured images from your publications, a biography section where you can share information about yourself and your research, and your co-authors.



Basic publication profile


On your basic publication profile page, you can add a plain language summary and choose a featured image from our stock selection.

Publication Story Premium_badge


On your Premium publication pages you can also feature your own images, and link to video, data, code, press coverage and other related materials.



Basic metrics

Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 13.29.16

Basic metrics show your publication’s number of views in Kudos, and its Altmetric and citation counts.

Metrics Premium_badge

premium metrics

Premium metrics also show how many times your publication has been promoted (shared), how many people have clicked on those links, which channels those links were shared in and how many people clicked by channel; and how your Kudos views and Altmetric scores have built over time.


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