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Kudos is an award-winning platform for showcasing research, used by around 450,000 researchers based in many of the world’s top institutions. Our free service helps drive readers to your research publications (register for free). Our new Premium service showcases your research activities more broadly, and enables you track your reach and log impact and outcomes to ease annual reporting to your funder and institution.

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You share

Post your ResearchFish "result description" as a "Story", or project web profile, on Kudos. Our quick and easy tools enable you to turn dry text into a beautiful web page for your research. 


We promote

We'll promote your Story in our Showcases, including our Global Research Showcase (viewed by thousands daily, within and beyond academia). 


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You track

Use our simple communications planning tool to plan, record and report on engagement activities, and log resulting impact and outcomes. This data can then be used to complete future Researchfish submissions. 

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We deliver

Demonstrate the reach, readership and influence of your research. Report on the number of people viewing your project page, show where in the world they have come from, and which outputs they are interested in.


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Post a plain language summary
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Website, Showcase
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For a group

Website, Showcase and
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Basic page for your articles   Project web page
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Project web pages
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Basic metrics   Premium metrics Premium metrics
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    Personal Showcase
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Personal Showcase
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    Communications planning
and impact logging
Communications planning
and impact logging
      Group Showcase
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      Account management
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“I love Kudos because…”


Professor Marcus Foth
Queensland University of Technology

"Kudos provides an interface between the scholarly world of academia and the applied world of government, industry and society. It works seamlessly, and integrates well with other platforms such as social media."


Professor Iseult Lynch
University of Birmingham

"Media attention and take-up of research into policy and industry are increasingly important metrics against which research impact is judged. If others can’t understand your research it doesn’t get to have the impact you want it to."


Dr Luis Maria Vaschetto
South Dakota State University

"Kudos has provided me a great opportunity to show my work to a wide audience. The content is easy to digest and provides useful resources that link authors with their readers. I would definitely recommend it."