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If you have have already summarized your research on Kudos and would like us to promote your existing Story page, you need our 'promo-only' package.

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My experience working with Kudos was simple and seamless. They made my work accessible for scientists and non-scientists alike. I would definitely recommend Kudos to anyone looking to highlight their work to the broader community.

Dr Richard Horowitz
Medical Director
Hudson Valley Healing Arts Center
Hyde Park, New York, USA



Kudos has been an excellent way to help bring our latest pioneering work to clinical veterinarians. We have achieved high levels of views both of our project profile page, and of the various resources to which we have linked.

Dr Gian Luca Rovesti
Veterinary Surgeon
Clinica Veterinaria Miller / Ad Maiora, Italy



I have been really impressed by this service. Kudos produced a really professional summary of my research, and a lovely bright web page which has already had lots of visitors thanks to the Kudos team’s promotional activities. I would recommend this to other researchers!

Professor Karl Aigner
Head, Department of Surgical Oncology
Medias Klinikum, Germany

In detail

Editorial: our professional writers will synthesize your research into a 600-word summary and a structured briefing for your key target audience

Technical: our web experts will build an attractive profile page for your research, and link it to relevant outputs and resources

Publicity: our communication consultants will circulate your research to our readymade audiences to build readership.
As part of your campaign, we will:

Kudos-asterisk-black-transparent Feature your research on the Kudos homepage
We feature a revolving selection of research Stories on our homepage, which is visited by thousands of people every day – other researchers, as well as broader audiences.

Kudos-asterisk-black-transparentPromote your research via our global Showcases
Our Showcases are also visited by thousands of people every day – including the media, policy makers, industrial researchers and more. We can include your research in our main research Showcase but also in our thematic Showcases which bring together relevant research around topical issues or subject areas.

Kudos-asterisk-black-transparentPost about your research on social media
We will promote your Stories on our Twitter and Facebook networks, incorporating relevant hashtags and images to help your Stories appear in front of wider audiences.

Kudos-asterisk-black-transparentInclude your research in our email marketing
We will feature your research in a newsletter with over 10,000 carefully selected academic and professional recipients.

Kudos-asterisk-black-transparentMaximize visibility of your research in search engines
We will code and promote your Story page to help it appear as near as possible to the top of search engine results pages.

A custom communications campaign for your research,  including professionally written summary, and promotion via social media, search engines, email and web

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Professionally written


Promotion via Kudos


Promotion via Kudos


Promotion via Kudos
Social media


Promotion via Kudos

If you have have already summarized your research on Kudos and would like us to promote your existing Story page, you need our 'promo-only' package.


1 See for example Elgendi, M. "Characteristics of a Highly Cited Article: A Machine Learning Perspective," in IEEE Access, vol. 7, pp. 87977-87986, 2019, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2019.2925965.